Callebaut Milk Chocolate Drops (1 x 2.5kg)

Milk Drops C823NV, 2.5%
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This product may contain: Soya, Milk

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Balanced milk, cocoa and caramel taste.

33.6% Cocoa Solids, 22.5% Milk Solids.

823NV is an all-round couverture: ideal in various applications, great in a milk chocolate ganache. It has a darker colour, an intense cocoa taste with typical caramel flavours and creaminess. Its balance in taste, colour and texture is well perceived by a very broad audience.

Milk Chocolate is the right viscosity for Glazing, Flavouring Ice cream, Moulding hollow figures, Moulding, pralines, Filling and Decorating.

Quantity Price
1 24.36 each
2 €20.86 each
3- 4 €19.69 each
5- 6 €19.01 each